Monday, March 24, 2014

kimono photos

A few weeks ago I visited my friend Berber Oostenburg who is an artist, go visit her site she makes beautiful art. The reason for my visit will be known after a certain date in may and than I will reveal the outcome. But for now I want to show some pictures she made of me.

This photo is really funny I think

I am wearing houmongi with cranes birds and plum

This is my kin sha chirimen kimono also with plum.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kitsuke time

It's been a while but today it was kitsuke time.
The kimono I've choose is a hitotsu mon which is never worn only by mine mannequin doll in 2009. You can read the post Here.
I wasn't sure the color would suite me but it really surprised me.
The obi is a white/cream nagoya obi with very cute daisies in pink and red.

Hitotsu mon: A garment with a single mon (crest) on it at centre back of shoulders. The mon makes it slightly formal