Monday, March 1, 2010

home made

It took me about 3 months but now it is finished, made by my one hands.
My beautiful, if I my say so yukata with a cute fish.
I have to say that my teacher from the sewing class did help me with the collar. It's a little bit too width but hé who's counting.

Let me now what you think of my yukata, you don't have to be gentile.

This is how it looked 3 months ago


Kyuukaryuko said...

Wauw, she turned out really nice. Good work!

ROTA said...

thanx, maybe one day I'll change my career. -_)

Misuchi said...

en wat een volharding!

Ume Bloom said...

beautiful choice of fabric, ROTA! I have about 3 bolts waiting to be sewn together, but still afraid as hell to start cutting :P

ROTA said...


thanx,maar wel met hulp.



What's the worse thing that can happen, just be brave and do it.-_)

SuperGrouper said...

It looks nice, but something about the way it "puffs out" to the side of the where the left knee would be bugs me a bit. :?

It's probably just a random fold, though.

Are you planning on wearing the grey obi with it, or some other? :?

ROTA said...

I guess it's just a random fold but the only way to find out is to wear the yukata which I will in the summer.
It's a soft green obi and the only one which suits the best with this yukata.

Kimiaya said...

I think your Yukata came out beautifully. Can't wait to see the pictures when you wear it in the summer.

ROTA said...

Thank you, when I have a picture, I will publish it.