Monday, July 5, 2010

two pieces

As told in a earlier post, I take sewing lessons.
Which not mean that I am getting any better at it. :)
But hé at least I am trying.
Mine latest project has been a two pieces undergarment as shown in the picture.
It's a combination of salmon silk with pink cotton. The silk I've bought on ebay and the cotton I've found on the market but I think it's a very nice combi.
I must say that it took me a lot a time and made a few mistakes but in the end I am content with it. Now I've to think about a new project.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Looks very nice!
Maybe some different lenghts of sleeves, and a top-piece juban without sleeves (alleen het topje dus ^_^), so you don't need different jubans???

Ume Bloom said...

oh! that looks beautiful! I've been meaning to make a hadajuban and a susoyoke off a nagajuban that's too small for me, but still too afraid to cut into it:)

It is a common practice to use cotton for the one layer closer to the body; this way, sweat and body oils can't reach and damage the silk that easy!

congratulations on finishing your project! I still have stuff to sew on my karinui, but I promise it will be done and ready this week!

ROTA said...


thanks, It's a good idea maybe a good project for yourself but you still need a machine {:)


thanks and good luck with your own project.