Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last year my bf and I were suppose to go to Japan, unfortunately that trip didn't went through because of the volcano eruption in Iceland
So this year we planned our trip again but as you maybe can image the trip was cancelled by the tour operator.
We did wanted to go on  holiday because it was some time ago that we went away together. One of the countries which was on my list was Iceland so that's were we went.
How beautiful Iceland was to visit I still hope that we will have the opportunity to visit Japan someday. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures:

A path in Reykjavik between Perlan(a restaurant and museum) and the city.

A park in the city of Reykjavik and the famous church Hallgrimskirkja.

Still water in a big national park Pingvellier.

We did have al kind of weather so also snow when we were on the road.

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