Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Japanese kimono presentation

Last year I was asked if I could give a presentation about the Japanese kimono. Because I was really busy at work I wasn't able to do this any earlier than today.
I had some items with me to show and Annie(my fitting doll) was with me aswell. She wore a  blue tsukesage with a white nagoya obi with flowerpattern. Luckily my BF was with me and did the hard work by bringing everything upstairs, what a sweety.
For this occasion I wore my salmon-pink hitoe which was never before worn by me, I combined it with a reddish purple antique hanhaba obi. This combination was really nice, at least I thought so.
Everything went really well and afterwords people shared there compliments and were very enthusiastic.



Kyuukaryuko said...

Good to hear all went well! Your outfit is really nice, the obi is stunning with that kimono. And off course, kudos to that BF of yours ^_~

ROTA said...

thanks, I really love this combination.

Saiya-chan said...

Oh what a nice oppertunity! Wish I had known about this event. The kimono's look great!

Seeing only older people makes me giggle a bit. It was the same at Kawai Kimono last month. Seems older people have a greater interest in kimono's.

ROTA said...

Yes, it was a great thing to do.
I guess older people are more interested in history.

Anonymous said...

Was very nice to see how much you enjoyed doing this. You are a natural.
Kiss Pooh.
p.s: I'll be there for you again next time if you'll have me.