Monday, September 26, 2011

New books

A few weeks ago we went to NYC and I've found a bookstore on the internet, Strand bookstore, they sell new and second hand books. Of course I wanted to check if they sold any books about kimono and yes they did. So I had to make a selection because there were many to choose from. I bought 3 books and send them to my home town.
I also visited two shops which suppose to sell kimono, one was unfortunately closed but the other one was indeed open. They sold beautiful things but really high priced, kimono were sold from 200 dollars. They sold very pretty things but not for my wallet. The lady in the store told us that a week later there was a kimonoshow in the store but our visit wasn't that long. Bummer but if you ever have the chance to visit NY,
I can recommend it,  it's a great city.

Here are the books which I bought:

Kimono and the Colours of Japan

Kimono Collection of Katsumi Yumioka


                         Tagasode: whoose sleeves
                         Kimono from the Kanebo collection

Kimono Fashioning Culture

So I will have enough to read till the end of this year.

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