Friday, July 25, 2014

kimono show Moshi Moshi Amsterdam

Moshi Moshi stand for a celebration of Japanese art and especially entertainment.
There were a diversity of exhibitors, workshops performers and fans that brought the traditional and contemporary Japan to the heart of Amsterdam.

The kimono show was hosted by Berber Oostenburg
The theme was a wedding with a bride, her mother, nieces and many friends. All dressed in different kind of kimono to show the formal kimono but also how to dress up in less formal kind of kimono but still look dressed for a wedding.

Berber Oostenburg host of the kimonoshow wearing modern kimono.


Maartje being the bride of the show in uchikake.                                                                                                                                                                                             
Naomi was the mother of the bride in vintage kurotomesode.

Maartje and Naomi

Christine being the little unmarried sister of the bride in antique furisode.

Berber and Christine

Mirjam being the married sister of the bride in summer houmongi.

Me and Christine 

Dandy being a niece at the wedding in a pretty pink vintage ro silk komon dressed up fancy to make it more formal.

Julie was a guest at the wedding of the kimono show wearing a vintage fancy rose komon.

Ria was a guest at the wedding in a red yukata

Dandy, Ria and Julie

Nadine in antique sha silk bold dragonfly komon

Charissa is wearing an antique ro silk komon kimono 

Nadine and Charissa

all the models on stage.


Anonymous said...

Was a very nice event!

Berber Oostenbrug said...

Goed zeg, dank je wel! X

ROTA said...

Yes indeed it was fun

ROTA said...

Graag gedaan Berber