Sunday, November 8, 2009

Penthouse view

Our lovely cats have a beautiful penthouse, if i may say so. We bought is last year and hoped that they would use it. Luckily it was approved by them both, they even helped putting it together as they always do when something new arrives in our home. It has a kind of hanging baskets or as we call it hammocks on top of the pole which i call the penthouse with a view.

But looking at birds and other cats during the day makes us very tired so let's take a power nap.

Hé, wake up something is happening!
Huh, what are you waking me up for?

I think we are going to eat something , I am dying for some fish.
Hopefully we are getting some.
Damned I smell chicken,very disappointing but luckily we have a penthouse view.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Ohh, I like it! It looks so comfy... And the third picture is so funny haha.

ROTA said...

Yes, we really like our penthouse, our servants and each other sometimes -.)