Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Exhibition Geisha Leiden

Geisha is a world-renowned style icon. The Japanese with the stark white face, red lips and precious kimono is a phenomenon that fascinates the world and stimulates the imaginationA stereotype ofJapanese aesthetics, surrounded by mysticism and misunderstandings. 

The concept is even more than samurai geisha surrounded by a sensation of mysticism. The intriguing Japanese is a global source of inspiration for fashion designers, artists, photographers and writers. Once stood geisha symbol for trendsetting haute couture, now you can see her just as guardian of refined cultural traditions and etiquette. An epitome of courtesy, control and beauty.

The world of the geisha is exclusive and private. Geisha houses are visited by influential politicians and businessmen, on which it can be sure that what they discuss there remains absolutely confidential. An evening in a tea house in the company of geisha is not for everyone. It is exclusive, expensive and only for the happy few.

Through this private character countless stories circulating about their role in the nightlife. Comparisons with prostitution and oppression do justice to reality. In this world, women, big exception in Japan, the power: they themselves have in most Geisha- and tea houses, both in content and business, the leadership. In addition, young women choose for themselves to go to the long and intensive training, a voluntary commitment to a disciplined life of dancing, singing, study and performances.

National Museum of Ethnology works for this exhibition together with a geisha house in Kyoto, the main city of Japan geisha. Admire the paintings, the precious kimonos, obi and hair accessories, dressing tables, mirrors and musical instruments and with lacquer set tables. Meet the woman behind the phenomenon in especially for this exhibition made reports: personal stories about her motives, sacrifices and a constant search for perfection. GEISHA offers a unique look behind the scenes of a closed world.

Here's an impression of the exhibition many kimono are from Yoshifumi teahouse in kyoto.

 Soon I will post more pictures of this exhibition.

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