Monday, January 12, 2015

exhibition Geisha part 2

At the exhibition there were photo's, drawings, pictures of Geisha's and of course kimono. Here are some more pictures, hope you will enjoy them.

OTOMARU 1906-1976

Born as Nagai Matsuko, she started taking singing and dancing lessons at the age of six and debuted as Geisha in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo at the age of 13.
Otomaru was one of the few Geisha's who wore Western clothing and hairstyles whenever possible.
She was famous mainly thanks to her singing career.
Her name, which means something like "music sound", is said to be an allusion to gramophone records.

Geisha relaxing outside the okiya

Nice (fake) blossom

More kimono

and more, this one of my favorite

A stunning obi with the crest of the okiya

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